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Friday, July 10, 2009

Horton Plains

Discovered by Thompson Farr during the British colonial era of the island and named after the one of her governers. The plains offer her visitors many a wonderful vista and many experiences that few other places could give. According to the name given there are a series of vast open plains called “Patanas” rolling along as far as the eye could sea, dipping now and then I to misty valleys and mossy, muddy, marshes often rising up again in to pointed peaks and running in to deeply wooded areas of moss covered mountain forest s.Vast jungles cover cliffs of awesome height hang from her sides while the ice cold crystal clear streams, pools and waterfalls mark her verdant face. Black eagles, Blue magpies and other rare birds are found there also occasional leopards deer and jackels.before 1930`s even the elephants have been recorded at Horton place.

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