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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Diyaluma Falls ( skein of water)

Diyaluma ,on the Poonagala Oya rever off the Koslanda- Wellawaya road is another spectacular sight spilling over a straight rock wall. 559 ft in height. Diyaluma is often rated as Sri Lanka’s highest water falls, upstaging Bambarakanda.It is 13 km from Wellawaya town and 6 km from Koslanda in the Hills and seen like a soft veil, is seen from the Balangoda – Wellawaya highway too.

Legend says that Gods, seeing the heart break of a prince whose runaway romance ended in the death of his sweetheart whom he had tried haul over the Diyaluma precipice, created this beautiful cascade to weep forever in the wilderness.

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