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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lankathilaka Viharaya

Completed in 1344, but in a more traditional Sinhalese style. Situated on a top of a gray rock above the fertile highland green, it justifies its name: "the beauty spot on Lanka's brow."

The shrine contains an ancient Buddha image of brick and plaster, plus devalas to the four guardian deities of the island, each with his consort.

A Pali language rock inscription at the site records the valuable gifts to craftsmen who toiled on the temple. Woodcarvers still work at the foot of the rock on which the temple stands.

This is a Magnificent building shining in white against the blue sky in the background. Being a brick building in three stories, it has a peculiar architectural design.Amidst the painted doors of wood and frescoes still bright with their original paint on walls and ceilings in the shrine room is found a superb seated image of the Buddha.

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