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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Major places In kotte

The literature produced in the 15th century AD during the reign of the kotte kindom is known as the kotte Period. The rule of king Parakramabahu V1 is known as the golden era of Sinhala literature, where many, poets, writers, intellectuals were produced. Schools and educational institutes were established under royal patronage.

During this period, international links were established between Ceylon and other countries in South East Asia. Bhikkus from Burma, Cambodia and Siam received higher ordination (upasampada) in Ceylon. The "Thripitaka" was scripted at the Papiliyana Sunethradevi Pirivena. The kotte Raja Maha Vihara and Sri Parakumba Pirivena, are two historically important places.

The Present Sri jayawardana Pura kotte
after the decline of the kotte kingdom,it became a residential town for people form faraway wished to settle down near Colombo .In 1977 kotte once again became the administrative capitol of Sri lanka.kotte developed fast with the magnificent parliament being built on a plot of land in the center of the 300 acre Diyawanna Tank.New roads,Hospitals,schools,government buildings play grounds and housing schemas have been built making one of the most sought after cities in and around Colombo.6 1/2 sq. miles in Extent.

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