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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Statue of Parakramabahu the 1st

Statue of Parakramabahu the 1st

The most important king during the Polonnaruwa period who ruled from 1153- 1186 A.D. During his period lots of development took place in irrigation, architecture, paddy cultivation, and agricultural products. Relationships with foreign countries were tightened and trading was done between South Asia, Arab and China.

He built or restored 165 dams, 3000 canals, 163 major and 2376 minor tanks.

His golden saying “let not even one drop of water goes to the sea without serving the agriculture and mankind” still remembered by Sri Lankans.
According to historians The yoke in the hand is to say that he had a great consideration on agriculture. some says he holds a cord which is a symbol of royalty.

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