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Saturday, August 8, 2009

General Information of Gampola

Set in the salubrious hill country, on the banks of the undulating Mahaweli River, amongst the mountains and valleys, lay this bridge shead for resistance movements and refuge for strategic withdrawals-Gampola. When the Sinhala Kings commenced shifting their administrative capital from low land to the central mountainous region for strategic reasons Gampola with its unique setting was the ideal location. Gampola is surrounded by many important Buddhists temple. The interpolation of vedic and post vedic Hindu deities into the venerations of Mahayana deities firmly extrapolation as a part of religious practice of Sri lantern Buddhists emanated from Gampola. At Gadaladeniya and Lankatilaka temples the images of Saman, Vhibishana and Skanda were installed as attendants of the Buddha.

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