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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dance in Sri lanka (part 3)


The dance is the most important in the Kandyan dance form. Ves is the traditional attire of the Kandyan dancer. Sixty four ornaments complete the dress and traditionally their sheen symbolizes, the rays of the sun. It takes years of rigorous training before a dancer can achieve the status of a fully-fledged Ves dancer.

GINI SISILA (Fire Dance)

A South Ceylon fire dance showing the power of charms over fire and the twenty seven devils that can trouble mankind. The absolute faith of the fire dancers protects them from the flames. This dance also includes fire-eating.

KULU NATUMA (Harvest Dance)

A traditional folk dance performed by village damsels to celebrate a rich harvest The dance portrays sequences from reaping to winnowing of the grain. This is a buoyant dance providing ample opportunities for displaying feminine grace, It is danced to the accompaniment of light drum beats and the haunting strains of the flute.


The girls carrying oil lamps are making an offering (Puja) of their dancing skills to the Guardian Deities, (Natuma means dance)


The origin of fire walking can be traced back to the epic story of Rama and Sita.Ravana, the King of Ceylon, had abducted the princess Sita from India. When Rama her husband (an Indian King) regained her, she proved her chastity during her enforced stay with Ravana, by walking on fire barefoot-unhurt. The devotees who perform fire-walking seek the divine blessings of Lord Kataragama and Goddess Pattini before they do so.

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