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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dance in Sri lanka (part 2)


A traditional folk dance which uses the Raban, an Instrument similar to the drum. The popular Ath Raban (Hand Rabana) is almost, one foot in diameter and is both played and wielded in a variety of forms by the male and female dancers. Raban playing is accompanied by singing too.


A dance sequence performed for general immunity from evil influences as well as for healing specific ailments. It is a part of ceremony connected with folk religion. The vigorous movements of the dancers are derived from the dance forms of the Southern parts of Sri Lanka.

MAGUL BERA (Ceremonial Drums)

The blowing of the Conch Shell is the traditional invocation at the commencement of any function and the drums (Bera) are an Integral part of the ritual. It is an ancient Sinhala custom to present ritual music when seeking the blessings of the Guardian Deities of the land.

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