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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gray Languor in Sri lanka

Gray Languor

The gray langur, with the midnight-black face (shown here) and the macaque, or the red monkey are seen widespread in Sri Lanka's jungle areas and sometimes even in the small villages.The larger of the two species, the langur, lives in large groups among the trees and is usually not aggressive. Groups of these monkeys are a common sight at some of the Buddhist temples in the dry region, and most often seen begging for give-aways, or if un-successful, stealing, from the unsuspecting visitor.

The red monkey, with a brown colored coat and a pink face, is far more aggressive, and quick tempered. This species, if provoked, have known to attack humans occasionally. There are several other species of monkey in the Sri Lanka jungles, but they are confined to the hilly and mostly inaccessible areas and for this reason are not seen by the average visitor to the island.

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