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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunil Santha-Program Singer

It was a time that Sri lankans thought Music Means copying Hindustan and Tamil tunes .Sunil Santha was one of the pioneers of Sri lanka who did not stick to Hindustan and Tamil tunes and introduced Sinhala "sarala songs". He showed the Sri Lankan musicians the correct path, and answered the musicians of this country with his songs of creativity.

He had a wonderful flowing voice to him and produced well-known tunes to give away sub tunes.
He had a good knowledge to analyze songs hence he could produce " Sarala songs "successfully. But he was never satisfied; therefore he thoroughly studied and went further to use pure literature. Educated people who were surrounding him too helped him to make his effort a success.

The Radio Ceylon started to broadcast his songs up to about 1955 until He left from songs field. It caused to make him the most popular singer in the Island during that period.
Sunil Santa did a good capacity of service for the song field of this country and people memories him and remind him with honor due to his cleverness and creativity. He protected his studies of songs. But he never knelt down in front of any person. Not worshiped any body to his subject. He did not expect promotions. He protected policy and lived in an honesty way and showed a great lesson to the musicians of this country.

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