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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dance in Sri lanka

MAYURA NATUMA (Peacock Dance)

In this dance, the girls depict the graceful movements of the peacock which according to mythology is the bird that transports Skanda, the War-God of Ceylon, worshipped by Buddhists and Hindus alike.


The name of the dance, is derived from the musical instrument used, the Pantheru, which is close akin to the tambourine. Rhythm is also provided by the accompanying drums. The dance itself shows Sinhala warriors on their way to battle. The Pantheru is manipulated with great skill and dexterity by the dancers who create a series of vigorous acrobatic and rhythmic forms.


A South Sri Lanka mask dance with the Raksha (devil) masks symbolizing the fight between a cobra and a bird. This dance is used to exorcise demons from the possessed and is still believed to be effective psychiatric treatment in Sri Lanka.


A dance popular in all parts of the country, particularly during festivals In which both male and female dancers participate. Each dancer has two sticks and the sound of the sticks sticking each other together with those of the accompanying drums provide the rhythm for the -'dancers

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