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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

National Dress in Sri lanka

Sri Lanka has no approved national dress, as there are three major communities call Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims live together.

Though there is no approved national dress , Sri lankan male consider long sleeved shirt without collars up to the knee and a white Sarong worn by male on occasions as the national dress and even the members of parliament including the President used to wear it.

Though there are differences, people wear similar patterns on some occasions due to the influence from one another. There are regional differences too.

Majority of middle class male wear trouser and the shirt. If it’s an occasion, it becomes a full suit with a tie and a coat and it has been influenced by the western fashions and Females wear Sari (influenced from Indians), Osari (Female dress of Kandyan ladies), Frock or skirt and blouse…etc.

Kandyan male dress call “Mul Anduma” worn by bride grooms which is colorful and comes with lots of ornament such as dragger, Crown Royal shoes…etc, in traditional type of weddings. Kings of Kandyan period used to wear this and presently worn by chieftains of the “Temple of the tooth” on occasions.

Muslims wear Shirt, Sarong and Trousers sometimes with a cap and females cover the whole body on the advice of Kurana: The holly book of Allah.

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